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Posts for August 2010

August 31, 2010

The Hairess Diaries: Shaunequa #2
Happy to Be Nappy

Image courtesy of Shoppinglifestyle.com

Yo Hair Diary,

I know I was a little whiny pants about the textural state of my hair last week. I mean, I had a wedding to go to, man! But this week I'm embracing my coarse curls and rocking my signature goddess updo.To add some sheen (you know how dry relaxed hair starts to look when it needs its creamy crack), I spritz Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Moisturizer ($11.50) before twisting my tresses.

I'd take a picture of the style, but I'm bloated. Just imagine Nicole Richie's 'do with (much) tighter and darker curls. You get the idea, right?

Peace in the Middle East,


August 30, 2010

Wanna Go to New York Fashion Week?

Image courtesy of Metro.com

Fashion week is almost a week away. I know because I'm becoming my own outfit soothsayer. I figure if I plan ahead, I won't have a living room full of discarded clothes and shoes as I "change clothes and go".

Anyways, unless you got a bob that just won't quit, it's possible that your front row seat isn't exactly set in stone. And then there was AOL Stylist. They're doing a super cool (super easy) contest. Click here and leave a comment describing what you'd wear to NYFW by 11:59PM ET on September 2, 2010. Consider that your entry into the contest. Crazy easy, right?

The winner gets a trip for two (air & hotel) to Mercedes Benz Fashion Spring 2011, a slew of fashion week invites, $500 shopping spree, and $500 worth of spa treatments at Ajune (Approximate retail value $3500). Let's say it together...Ahhh-June.


August 27, 2010

Would You Rather???

Image courtesy of Jinni Blog

August 26, 2010

The Hairess Diaries: Cathy #2
"Don't Rain On Cat's Parade"

Are you there Hair Diary?  It's me (again), Cat.

Waking up to a gray, rainy day is second only to waking up naked next to Mickey Rourke and his chihuahua.

"Why so dramatic?" You ask.

"Have you seen my hair?" I answer.

It is on days much like today (and yesterday, and the day before, and the one before that), I wave the white flag of surrender and work with my wave rather than against it.  Knowing rain and humidity will always defeat even the best blowout efforts, my strategy includes a wide-tooth comb and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  I begin by letting my hair partly air-dry, spritz product thoroughly on damp hair, twist and shout, tip my head over and blow dry. And viola!  My mangy mop turns to a shaggy, textured, voluminous, effortless coif.

What I end up with is hair that looks as though I've spent a day at the beach in St. Tropez.  Fine - like I've spent a day at the beach in Belmar. Capiche?

-Posted by: Cathy S.

August 25, 2010

Wanna' Be on Top? Model for a Day!

Spiegel is looking to whisk away real (fabulous) women from ages 20-60, to a  two-day shoot in New York City. After your hair is done by Fantastic Sams Hair Salon and your outfit is selected, you will be shot by a famous photographer and featured in Spiegel. Your shoot will look a little like this:

Enter and find out more here! Ends this Friday 8/27.

August 24, 2010

The Hairess Diaries: Shaunequa #1

Yo Hair Diary,

I've noticed a little something. Every time I'm like a week away from a relaxer, it's the same time as a wedding or big vacation. In other words, there will be loads of pictures taken where my tresses look BUSTED.

I'm hoping you can shed some light on the matter. Is this follicular culture clash an exercise of continued humility? Is it so I can more deeply explore my creativity (i.e. finding ways to make the best of a tangled monstrosity)?

I'll wait for your answers...

Love (not now, but usually)

S Breezy

August 23, 2010

Reporting Live from the Emergency Room


I actually penned (no really, paper and pen) this little ditty while lying on an emergency room stretcher. I dare you to say I'm not dedicated! I had an accident on Saturday night that led to stitches, a CAT scan, an endless litany of questions, and hospital food. Picture it, I'm laid up (in cut-off denim shorts and tan slouch boots) on a stretcher, writing in the clink (fine, the hospital).

Man, I feel like Tupac.

As I was inside the "big house", my friend was in the waiting room, overhearing frustrated people's rants about the intolerable and reprehensible wait. The wait also led folks to threaten physical harm to the hospital staff. My favorite outburst she told me about was "It's about to be 'Rambo' in this [expletive]!"

She sat amidst all of that for me. I'm a lucky girl.

August 20, 2010

Back Up, Ladies...He's All Mine!

Image courtesy of Phillip Angert

He smiled shyly. I knew what was hidden behind his back. I mean, I'm a chick. I've been waiting for this moment for all my life*oh Lord*.

When I tried to catch a glimpse, he shifted so I couldn't see what was in his hand.

I pouted.

He extended his hand. Shaking, I reached for it. Luca handed me the most perfect pair of jeans to ever grace my butt.

I'll admit it. I totally bogarted him with my many denim requests (new wash, different length). I attended the Levi's Curve ID Event last night to find my dream jeans...and I wasn't leaving without them.

The collection, consisting of styles for three body types: Slight Curve, Demi Curve, and Bold Curve, was designed to offer a personalized fit. In fact, your measurements are taken to find your hip-seat ratio.

Jeans too tight in the waist? Try Slight Curve. Waist fits, but doesn't flatter? Go for Demi Curve. If your waist tends to gap in the back, you're with Mama Breezy (um, me). Try Bold Curve.

To a couple of folks' chagrin, I am, in fact Bold, baby. I even had to do the Tyra, "I Got Booty!" gesture to one naysayer.

And seriously, I feel so fly in them. No need to wear a longer top to cover my carpenter's crack...Booyah!

Editor's Note:

Picture of my rump-shaker-flattering jeans to follow. Until then, check out  what I wore to the Levi's Curve ID event...featured on HighSnobette.com!

August 19, 2010

The Hairess Diaries, Wows & Woes of Hair:
Cathy #1

Cathy is the Natalie to my Tootie. The dark chocolate to my milk chocolate ( I MUST tell you that story!). She is as brutally brilliant as she is painfully stylish. She is a bastion of beauty and I'm thrilled that she's on board to share her hair "sitch" with you every Thursday. Enjoy her first "diary entry"...I did! xx Shaunequa

Are you there Hair Diary? It's me, Cat.

My hair is not my selling point. Ever since that attempt at a perm in 5th grade, I've been in a love-hate relationship with my strands. While I no longer have a perm helmet that could have secured me the leading role in Annie, I struggle with taming the beast that is My' 'Do. I've bobbed it, banged it, dyed it, streaked it, twisted it, scrunched it, and still, I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and wonder what my hair will do (or more often, not do) that day.

I'm on an extremely spiritual mission to learn what works best for this Italian girl's wavy, frizzy, fine, tangly hair.

There will be gel, mousse, serum, dye, dryers, curlers, and flat irons. And since no one who knows me wants to hear about my hair one second longer, I will divulge my innermost hair secrets to you and only you.

And unlike the diary I kept during my childhood, I don't have to worry about my brother finding you and reading my entries like performance art, at Thanksgiving dinner. Do you like the pic of me and my heroine, Snooki?

-Posted by: Cathy S.

August 18, 2010

The Hairess Diaries, Wows & Woes of Hair

I am so pleased to announce the first installment of The Hairess Diaries: Wows & Woes of Hair. Shanna is a hair product junky, a fragrance fiend, and she has an extensive beauty background. In fact we met when we worked for the same beauty company. She is also very, very chic. I know you will love her "diary entry" about last night's Living Proof event...enjoy! xx Shaunequa

Dearest Diary,

Going to beauty events after work can be problematic especially when you've been running like crazy all day, the beauty event starts at 5:30pm, and lasts only an hour. But you know me. I slapped on some lipgloss and kept it moving!

It turns out the scientists at Living Proof are introducing shampoo and conditioner to their mega-successful Full Thickening Cream ($24). The Full line pumps up fine, limp hair (like mine, except you can add frizz for a "hair-don't" trifecta). I usually don't mind frizz because it gives my hair some volume, but I definitely mind when I want a sleek and full look. My blowout's fantastic fullness lasts all of 2 minutes and then it seems like my hair is magnetically attracted to my skull. Not cute.

Needless to say, I almost dove for the swag bag at the end of the presentation. I can't wait to try the products and tell you all about them!

-Posted by: Shanna S.

August 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion: What's at the Top of Your Wish List?

Voluminous Pants



Images Courtesy of Refinery 29

August 13, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Links: 8/13

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August 09, 2010

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's...Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer?

Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer

To quote "Clueless", I'm totally buggin! I was standing in line at Duane Reade (an NYC pharmacy chain) and as I juggled a bag of gummy bears, something else, and a bottle of water, my "impulse-purchase finger" started twitching. My eyes were mysteriously drawn to a very familiar, text-image pairing of the Ed Hardy persuasion. "But you're in Duane Reade...in New York, not Vegas!" I said to myself. I slowly bent down to see it: friggin Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer. I spun it 'round and 'round.

I even contemplated buying it just to prove that it exists. But alas, I decided to write about it. Sadly, I didn't check out the "light" scent...and now I'm kinda' obsessed about what it could smell like: hmm can you bottle "bling bling"?

August 06, 2010

2010 AOL's Bloggers Night Out

Shaunequa Brathwaite

Last night I went to AOL's BlogHer Event. BlogHer? Yeah it's a super cool conference for bloggers of all walks of the internet. I totally missed the boat on this one, peeps. I had no idea how cool (and how massive) it is. But luckily one of my favorite new blogger friends, Melissa from OSoChic, told me about the AOL party and with the perfect luck, I got on the guest list the SAME DAY as the event. I mean, seriously, I was so stoked.

Not only did I see a bunch of my newest amigas, I ran into her. The woman that gave me my online writing start: Kathryn Finney, The Budget Fashionista. After a zillion years and a decent amount of emails, I was, for the first time,  face-to-face (and cheek-to-cheek) with Kathryn and she is even more amazing in person (check out her hair jewelry). OK, the gushing ends here.

I had a blast, took fun pics, and did a video answering the question, "What's in your handbag?". I mean, you guys, it's me...can you IMAGINE what I said? Imagine no more. Check out the video. It'll also be posted on Stylist.com, but you know I had to give you a sneak peek, right?! And if you want to check out the glamour shots Kathryn and I took with Nichelle from 55 Secret Street, check out the "See What's New" Facebook fanpage album!

August 06, 2010

2010 AOL's Bloggers Night Out Video

AOL's Question of the Night: What's Inside Your Handbag? Check Out My Answer...If You Dare!

August 05, 2010

An Ode to Fashion's Night Out

Dare I say fall is coming at like,  warp-speed? Well, here's the very first stylebook I created on Shop Style. I think it'd be perfect for Fashion's Night Out this year. Maybe the heels are a little high for all the walking though. You likes?

August 04, 2010

FREE Blowouts in NYC Tomorrow!

Avon Lotus Shield Free Blowouts Bus

Avon Advanced Techniques Tour Bus in Atlanta

Remember the super cute summer hairstyles from Tippi Shorter? Well Tippi and her crew have been on a tour with Avon and Cosmopolitan magazine to treat our humidified tresses. So far, they've hit up Atlanta, Miami, Philly, and Houston. And they're coming to New York on Thursday!

Tippi Shorter Avon Free Blowouts

Similar to how a raindrop rolls off a lotus leaf, the innovative technology in Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield is said to repel moisture. And moisture equals frizzy, wild (in a bad way) hair, right?

I honestly haven't tried the product, but I did find this handy-dandy video that puts hair through a "Steam Torture Test". It gets an A-plus on the name alone. Check it out and tell me, are you convinced?

Either way, why not stop by and see Tippi do her thizzle? Sorry, Snoop.

Thursday, August 5th 11AM-9PM:*

(AM) The Early Show Plaza (59th St. & 5th Ave)

(PM) Union Square (Exact Location TBD)

*Details are subject to change. Follow me for updates!


August 03, 2010


7 for All Mankind by Mika Ninagawa

Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine

You might have heard about 7 for All Mankind's limited edition collection of 7 (of course!) pieces designed by photographer, Mika Ninagawa. As you can see from the styles above, the collection will be just as bold and in-your-face as Ninagawa's photography. But did you know that a Jersey Shore cast member was riding the wave of exposed (and dyed) denim shorts' pockets possibly a year before the collection's announcement?

Jersey Shore's Angelina

On last week's season premiere, I noticed Ms. Angelina's shorts with exposed fuschia pockets and even had a disagreement with my friend about the outfit's flyness factor. Now I doubt very much that her shorts are from the new collection, but I loved them paired with brown chunky stacked heels. My buddy hated the whole look. What do you think...to dye for?

August 02, 2010

Rock Out with Your Frock Out!

Angelica Bess Body Language

This weekend I found myself torn between what my mind wanted and what my body really didn't want to do. But my mind put up an admirable fight and I trooped down to Soho for a Body Language show. I have a new favorite song, "You Can". It's on their band page along with other goodies.

I also have a new style muse, band member Angelica Bess. I loved her skinny-belted, animal-print mini dress paired with red open toe wedges; she kicked them off, mid performance. The feather barrette could look a little "Gossip Girl" on anyone else, but Ms. Bess breathed a '90s-era Stefani into it. Here's a post-performance close-up. Love her!

Angelica Bess Close-Up

Editor's Note: Check Body Language out on iTunes and YouTube!

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