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October 21, 2010

What Makes Scents: I Feel Human Again!

Navigating the NYC subway on a weekday afternoon reminds me of being on safari.

First there are the throngs of Homo Sapien Afterskoolis. Their chatter and flirting distract them from their monstrous backpacks. I almost got tossed on to the third rail after getting bumped by one.

Then you have Homo Sapien Touristas. Recognize them by their vacant eyes and shopping bags draped on every appendage. They stop suddenly, sending you careening into their backs, and on to the third rail. Yes, I have a fear of falling on to the third rail.

Thankfully I discovered the Royal Apothic collection of fragrances and candles at Anthropologie. All of the scents have a powdery finish that made me feel civilized again. In fact, the Imperial Fig scent had me feeling,...regal. It soothed my irritation and calmed my nerves in preparation for braving the concrete jungle again.

-Posted by: Shanna S.

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