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May 31, 2011

My Top Summer Picks + Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Judging from your emails and notes, you guys really liked my spring top picks. So I figured, "hell, let's do it again for summer"!

CK One Summer

CK One Summer, $46

From the moment I stole a spritz from my college roommate's bottle, I had a love-love relationship with CK One. Since this limited-edition scent features crisp apple and sweet crushed berry top notes and cedarwood and incense base notes, I'm all over it (well, guess it's all over me).

Avon Peep-Toe Mini Wedges, $19.99

Super light...and inexpensive. They're great for city walking: comfy enough to break into a sprint in case something goes down. And there's always a chance something will go down...don't you watch "Cops"?

Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes, $7.99

For the days when makeup is a must...and waterproof mascara is the only way to go (if you have allergies, you know what I mean), these wipes remove makeup, refresh the skin, and leave it with a light, pleasant scent.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipgloss in Fuchsia Therapy, $6.15

If I hear, let alone say, "pop of color" one more time, I shan't be held responsible for my actions. But hey, there really isn't a better way to describe such a glorious color, enriched with moisturizing collagen, Vitamins A, C & E, and SPF 15 gracing soup coolers everywhere.

Goldfaden Daily Scrub, $65

Did you guys know that you're supposed to use your scrub BEFORE cleansing? Yup. When you use a scrub like this one, which includes ruby crystals, anti-aging/free-radical-busting red tea, and seaweed, it will lift up dead skin cells allowing your cleanser to work better. You heard it here, folks.

Hudson Hampton Short Shorts, $143

I love this fresh take on colored denim, plus, you can't have summer without shorts. Well, yeah you can, but why would hue want to? Had to do it...don't hate me.

John Freida Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, $8.99

Humidity...the end.

Hermanny by Vix Kelly One Piece, $107 + Win a FREE $100 Gift Card!

I'm a ride-or-die bikini girl. BUT I think this one piece from Amazon's new Swim Shop, is the perfect combination of color, pattern, and va-va-voominess (thanks to strategic ruching).

Enter to win a $100 Amazon Swim Shop Gift Card: Just tell me "I'm a bikini girl" or "I'm a one-piece girl" in the comment area below or Tweet me. Be sure to include your email address.The giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, June 10th.

<p><iframe title="YouTube video player" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Kr0tTbTbmVA" width="480" frameborder="0" height="390"></iframe>

I'm sure you remember the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince classic, "Summertime". I recall thinking how grown up Will Smith looked with facial hair. Gotta' love it.

February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts: Just Don't Stink

We all have our pre-requisites for potential romantic partners. For some, height is super important. For others, socio-political views can be a total deal breaker. But c'mon, for just about everyone (excluding, I'm assuming, fetishists) B.O. is a no-no. Am I lying?

Feast your nose on Egyptian Jasmine, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Sensual Suede. All of those notes are found in the slinky Fredrick's of Hollywood Signature Scent ($35) bottle. Yup, you read that correctly. True, when I thought about Fredrick's of Hollywood, I certainly didn't think "fragrance", but I knew I had to give it a whiff when I heard about it.

So this year, whether you're hanging with your beau or the girls, hook yourself up with a nice scent. Or at the very least, just don't stink. You heard it here, folks.

December 27, 2010

What Makes Scents: "Ring" in the New Year


1. The Glamazon: Thierry Mugler Womanity Solid Perfume Ring

This fragrant ring will remind you to stay camera ready: striking and complex, and oozes glamour and femininity with the sweetness of fig and the depth of the ocean and woods.

2. The Badass: Kat Von D Solid Perfume Ring

This eponymous gothic ring is like the famed tattoo artist herself--gorgeous and rocker chic. Plus, it comes complete with two scents, innocent floral "Saint" and ultra-sultry "Sinner".

3. The Flirt: Juicy Couture Solid Perfume Ring

This fragrance will turn any wallflower into a party starter with sparkling mandarin and flirtatious honeysuckle.

4. The Playful Sophisticate: Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Ring

Violet, vanilla, and musk crown this fragrance and make it unforgettable--almost as unforgettable as the woman wearing it.

5. The Modernista: Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Solid Perfume Bracelet

This scent is quintessentially modern--bold (wild strawberry and mandarin), elegant (gardenia and mimosa), and sultry (sandalwood and creamy musks).

Posted by Shanna Sabio


December 15, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Fragrance


I had almost forgotten that it's the holiday season.  Until I went to the mall....and I walked through the legs of a Christmas elf on stilts. I was instantly reminded (in the most bizarre way I can remember) that it was, in fact, the holidays.

I love to give scented candles as gifts. I chose these because they capture the essence of the holidays in fragrant and beautifully packaged ways:

Diptyque's Oliban candle fits many holidays celebrated at this time of year.  It contains a fantastic combination of myrrh, incense, and lemon. The gold-stamped blue glass also makes a striking presentation when taken out of the box.

Even if you have  a non-traditional (or no) tree, you can recreate the smell of a freshly cut tree with The Thymes Frasier Fir Candle.  The limited edition version comes in a red glass with a bronze cover, all neatly tied in a ribbon.

Nest Fragrances' Holiday Candle captures the tree, plus the aroma of a hot toddy and the ingredients of a spice cake.  It's truly complex and lovely, and perfectly captures the entire season on a beautiful red velvet box.  Plus, the candle glass has gold stripes which goes with any decor.


For th e more mischievous, there's the Cire Trudon Stink Bomb.  It takes me back to my high school chemistry days when inevitably, a budding chemist tried to get out of class early by deploying a bomb with a rotten egg stench that made eyes water.  Fortunately, Cire Trudon's Nazareth smells like orange, cloves and incense. Whew.

All of these fragrance gifts can be ordered online so you can avoid freakish displays of holiday cheer...unlike my aforementioned mall experience.

Posted by Shanna Sabio

December 08, 2010

Harajuku Wicked Style Giveaway

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Giveaway

The Harajuku Lovers collection has always been cute, but wicked? Now it is. Afraid you'll be unable to choose? Don't you worry! I'm giving away the entire Wicked Style collection (5 full-size fragrances, a $250 value) to one lucky Facebook fan or Twitter follower.

Not a Facebook fan? Become one. On Twitter, but not following TOG? Put an end to that madness right now!

Lil' Angel, G, Music, Baby, and Love can all be yours.

Just leave a comment with the title of your favorite Temple of Glam post.  Giveaway ends on Monday!

December 03, 2010

What Makes Scents: Natural Mystic

We all have our means of relaxing and feeling good - if it works, to each her own.  Usually a glass of wine while watching reality TV does it for me.

Research from the Journal of Biological Chemistry has found that the scent of jasmine is as calming and soothing, even more so than Valium.

The fragrance Candide by Aftelier has a base of jasmine and myrrh, which is brightened by pink grapefruit and blood orange. I got to meet Mandy Aftel, the natural perfumer behind Aftelier as she hosted an event at Henri Bendel last month.  

As she described her process for blending perfumes, it seemed like magic. She takes essential oils and melds them together to smell like something else. She crafts a fig perfume from oils like lavender and fir from Canada.  For me that's like taking chocolate and rum, and making it taste like steak.

The result is a complex symphony of fragrance that reacts with your body chemistry in ways that synthetics just can't mimic!

-Posted by: Shanna Sabio

November 22, 2010

What Makes Scents: NEW Lady Gaga Fragrance...Eau de Disco Stick?

Lady Gaga Fragrance

Image Courtesy of makingmakers.posterous.com

Rumors of a Gaga fragrance have been around since earlier this year.  Finally, Coty has announced they have signed a partnership with Lady Gaga to create a perfume that will "pave the way for an extraordinary fragrance experience for consumers".

Umm, ok.  I'm definitely intrigued.

According to Coty, Haus of Gaga will be very involved in the development and marketing of the fragrance. I can only imagine the potential list of ingredients - essence of disco stick anyone?

It will probably be a study in contradictions, much like Gaga herself:

- dirty, but fresh

- pure, but slutty

- sweet, but commanding

- modern, but retro

The launch is scheduled for sometime in 2012. This is a celebrity fragrance I am actually anticipating.

-Posted by: Shanna S.

October 21, 2010

What Makes Scents: I Feel Human Again!

Navigating the NYC subway on a weekday afternoon reminds me of being on safari.

First there are the throngs of Homo Sapien Afterskoolis. Their chatter and flirting distract them from their monstrous backpacks. I almost got tossed on to the third rail after getting bumped by one.

Then you have Homo Sapien Touristas. Recognize them by their vacant eyes and shopping bags draped on every appendage. They stop suddenly, sending you careening into their backs, and on to the third rail. Yes, I have a fear of falling on to the third rail.

Thankfully I discovered the Royal Apothic collection of fragrances and candles at Anthropologie. All of the scents have a powdery finish that made me feel civilized again. In fact, the Imperial Fig scent had me feeling,...regal. It soothed my irritation and calmed my nerves in preparation for braving the concrete jungle again.

-Posted by: Shanna S.

October 08, 2010

What Makes Scents: "Fresh, Dressed, and Ready to Impress"

Image Courtesy of Now Smell This
I was a bad girl today.  I snuck out of work to go sniff things. Well, it's not as bizarre as I made it sound... I left work to check out the new Fresh fragrance bar.  Basically, Fresh revived 5 of their discontinued but well-loved fragrances that pair well with their existing collection, and set them up in decorative urns at each store. </p>

The current lineup is Cucumber Baie, Patchouli Pure, Pear Cassis, Tobacco Caramel, and Violet Moss, and the fun part is mixing and matching the old with the new.

All the sales associates had their favorite combination, but I had to agree that mixing Pear Cassis with Pink Jasmine resulted in a crisp yet sultry fragrance that worked well with my finicky chemistry.

The scoop: every six months or so, Fresh will switch the lineup to include a new set of 5 fragrances.  They are poured from the urns and packaged right in front of you. The limited-edition scents are sold in the 15 ml. size for $22 - just enough fragrance to inject some freshness to your old faves.


-Posted by: Shanna S.

<span style="font-size: x-small;">

March 03, 2010

Go, Philosophy: It's Your Birthday!

<span style="font-size: large;"><span style="font-family: Calibri;">Oh Philosophy, how I remember when you were just a wee little one. And now you're 14 years old. Where has the time gone? From gingerbread-scented shower gel to my newest favorite lip gloss that tastes like s'mores, I love ya, you crazy kid.

If you are as much of a Philosophy fan as I, check out their birthday instant win game. Enter once a day all month for a chance to win daily prizes or the grand prize ($1000 Philosophy shopping spree). And that's a whole lot of fruity beauty products!</span></span>

July 22, 2009

Expatriate Beauty: Bananas, Feathers, Whips & Shackles

Image courtesy of: Modculture.typepad.com


If you saw last week's Facebook discussion, you know Grace Jones is my new style icon. I dug more deeply and figured out a fabulous iconic parallel. The photo above stirred something deep within me because it reminded me of my all-time celebrity role model. Jones' unapologetic sexuality and brazen beauty is totally synonymous with fellow expatriate, Josephine Baker. Whether her nude form was adorned with feathers or bananas, her rhythmic (oft called "primitive") dances told the story of a "Native Daughter" in another country. And Grace Jones allowed her no-holds barred demeanor to translate flawlessly on film. I think we can all take note of their double middle finger to society's expectations for women.

So you can imagine how over-the-moon I was when I heard Crazylibellule & The Poppies Les Garconnes in Josephine Jonquille ($18) is now being sold on Amazon! Inspired by iconic women from the '20s, this one is named after Josephine Baker. If Josephine
isn't your flavor(top notes and base notes include: lemon, cardomom, dark chocolate & patchouli), there will be a bunch of other flapper-era muses available soon. I only wish there was one for Elsa Schiaparelli. Never heard of her? Check her out sometime. Her story is shocking (pink).
Tried it? Wanna try it and have questions? Just holler!


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