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October 18, 2013

Fresh Honey Mask Review: Ooo Baby I Like It Raw

As pitches to ghost write my blog roll in, mama (um, me) realized she needed to make a Jay-Z-style comeback.

The word "raw" conjures references aplenty (like my new raw oyster addiction and Eddie Murphy's "Raw" comedy concert), but for now let's focus on "raw" beauty.

My latest crush is on CRÈME ANCIENNE ULTIMATE NOURISHING HONEY MASK ($130) from Fresh. You can use it up to four times a week on cleansed skin to lend lubrication to the skin. Sure, I could've used another word there, but that one was much more satisfying.

It is made from hydrating shea butter, Vitamin E, and pure honey to help attract and seal in moisture. I used it once this week and my skin (prone to dryness as soon as summer's humidity dissipates) looked moisturized even without moisturizer. Old dirty dog ain't no liar!

True dat: It's pricey, but you honestly only need to apply a thin layer to your grillpiece. Until next time, I leave you with this ditty...from Dirty:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4ITLNzPoEqs?rel=0" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>
October 08, 2010

What Makes Scents: "Fresh, Dressed, and Ready to Impress"

Image Courtesy of Now Smell This
I was a bad girl today.  I snuck out of work to go sniff things. Well, it's not as bizarre as I made it sound... I left work to check out the new Fresh fragrance bar.  Basically, Fresh revived 5 of their discontinued but well-loved fragrances that pair well with their existing collection, and set them up in decorative urns at each store. </p>

The current lineup is Cucumber Baie, Patchouli Pure, Pear Cassis, Tobacco Caramel, and Violet Moss, and the fun part is mixing and matching the old with the new.

All the sales associates had their favorite combination, but I had to agree that mixing Pear Cassis with Pink Jasmine resulted in a crisp yet sultry fragrance that worked well with my finicky chemistry.

The scoop: every six months or so, Fresh will switch the lineup to include a new set of 5 fragrances.  They are poured from the urns and packaged right in front of you. The limited-edition scents are sold in the 15 ml. size for $22 - just enough fragrance to inject some freshness to your old faves.


-Posted by: Shanna S.

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